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Used Auto Parts

Used Car Parts & Used Auto Parts in Buffalo, NY

If you need a specific auto part for your car or motorcycle, come see our auto wreckers for used car parts that are cleaned, tested, and inventoried. Our parts are high-quality and the most dependable, recycled and refurbished parts in the area. You can find anything from hoods, fenders, door panels, and much more on our wreckage lot.

Although you can find some items online for your car, what you won’t find is our expertise and knowledge. Come by and ask about our delivery services to auto body and collision shops!

Used Car Parts & Used Auto Parts in Buffalo, NY

Auto Salvage & Scrap Parts | Buffalo, NY

In addition to our selection of used auto parts available for purchase, we also offer our customers the option to sell us their old car parts so that we can recycle them and make them useful once more. If you are sick of your old, junky auto items cluttering up your garage or workspace, let us take them off your hands and put some cash in your pocket. Our team will give you money for your used vehicles. Our prices are the best for any unwanted vehicles and all types of scrap. In need of a tow? We're there for you! 

This is a great way to clean up around your workshop and also get some funds to put toward a new part you may need. Our goal is to recycle and reuse everything we can in order to make new and improved auto creations. Let our auto salvage team help you by contacting us today! 

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